ZombieNight Live


It is expected that thousands of Zombies will converge on Downtown Jefferson City for the last ThNL of the season Thursday, October 25 from 6-9 pm. ZombieNightLive will rock you with the ultimate Halloween tribute of your favorite lady singers of all time. The night kicks off with Pat Benatar, then a set of Heart by Invincible Heart and we’ll finish off the night with the one and only Cher (the queen of costumes) by Cher-ished

Karen Backes-Dothage – lead vocals
Dan Buckley – bass guitar, backing vocals
Courtney J. Dothage – guitar, backing vocals
Jim Keneipp – keyboards
Clint Krcmar – percussion, backing vocals
Michael Vizcarra – guitar, backing vocals

At around 6:45 pm there may be an additional influx of Zombies who spontaneously combust into jerky movements that resemble a choreographed routine led by Larinda McRaven of McRaven Ballroom fame. Please only attempt to shoot them with a camera.

Guests of all ages are encouraged to dress as zombies for this annual event and be a part of the massive photo op at 6:50 pm. Photographers/Videographers (Danny Crocker-JensenLoki WilsonJulie SmithCurtis Davis) are invited to be on the ThNL stage to capture the historic moment.

Already have a Halloween costume? Anything can be zombiefied with a little dirt and makeup (but the JCPD request no weaponized accessories.) Make-up stations by our good friends at Walmart Jefferson City – Supercenter Dr will be conveniently located in the festival district.

Get your wristbands and cups from J. Pfenny’s Sports Grill & PubSpectators BarBones In The Alley and The Grand Cafe.

As a reminder, the downtown events have been a success thanks to everyone’s cooperation. The rules of the Temporary Open Consumption (TOC) permit are:

You must show ID and purchase an over 21 wrist band and acquire an event cup at participating outdoor bars. Guests may use that plastic cup only to purchase an adult beverage outside only. Guests may not buy a beverage inside and bring it outside (Missouri regulations). No alcohol of any kind may be carried into the District.

For the safety of our guests…
• No pets
• No soliciting
• No coolers
• No skateboards, bicycles, scooters
Children under 16 must be accompanied by parents/guardians at all times

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