Apples for Teachers

101.5 KPLA is proud to present The 27th Annual “Apples for Teachers.”  This is an opportunity for parents and students to nominate their teachers for the Golden Apple Award.

The nomination deadline is Friday, March 6th.  We encourage nominations to be made through our website or emailed to us. Each student or parent may write an essay explaining why the nominee should receive the award.

KPLA’s Emily will read the nominations of the finalists on the radio beginning the week of March 16th, 2020.  Then, in early April, ten finalists from the Columbia and surrounding areas will join us for a special banquet in Columbia.  Our ten finalists from the Jefferson City and Fulton areas will join us for a special awards banquet in Jefferson City.  One teacher at each banquet will be honored with the Golden Apple Award, cash and prizes.

For more information, please contact Allison Dee at KPLA, 573-303-3426 or email:  Thank you for participating in KPLA’s “Apples for Teachers.”

Apples for Teachers

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